10 Qualities a Tutor Should Possess In Order To Be Successful

Given your busy lifestyle, there are chances that you may not have enough time to spend with your kids and help them with their studies and homework. This is where the need for a tutor arises. In Singapore, hiring a tutor can be a problem because there are too many tutor agencies out there, but hiring a tutor can help you solve the lacking of time issue.

Tuition agencies like ChampionTutor are out there to assist you, find an experienced and skillful tutor for your child’s needs in Singapore.

Having said that, how do you know who is the best tutor for your child and what are the qualities a tutor should possess so that he/she can be the perfect guide to your child? For your assistance, we have listed below 10 qualities a tutorshould possess in order to be successful in Singapore:

Champion Tutor

  1. Good knowledge of the subjects:

In order to be a good tutor, before anything else, a tutor should have a good command over the subject. A tutor should have a thorough understanding of the subject and should be capable of imparting this subject knowledge to the children. In order to teach the subject, the tutor needs to be well versed with the latest syllabus and should be capable of making each lesson fun and easy to learn.

2.  Passion to Teach:

Teaching isn’t about knowing the subject, but also being skillful to get the concept of the subject across to the child well. A person who is enthusiastic in teaching and have the strong desire of helping others, is someone you can look for as a tutor.

3.  Positive attitude:

A tutor should have positive attitude. He should be one who can face adverse situations with a smile. A tutor should be able to see the bright side of things and be able to impart the similar attitude to the students.

4.  Supportive and friendly:

Tutor needs to be supportive and friendly towards kids, because not all students have a great experience with teachers in schools, therefore getting a friendly tutor at home would help the student to be more receptive towards home tuition.

5. Good communication skills:

A good tutor, who has a good communication skill, has the ability to influence their students. With such a quality, the tutor will be able to understand and explain study concepts well to the students as well, and better improvements could be made through good communication

6.    An ideal role model:

A good teacher is a role model for kids because kids look up to their teachers for example in life. Being a tutor, you are going to be the closest teacher to your students; therefore you will be the “window”, that the kids will see you as their future their good role model.

7.  Creative and innovative:

A good tutor is creative and innovative, he/she teaches students with new and innovative methods which makes learning fun and easy.

8.  Problem solver:

Being a good problem solver would be an asset in every area, in the tutoring context, you will be able to think out of the box, and be able to help students to solve their questions easily and effectively.

9.  Good time manager:

As a tutor, you will also require to have good time management, be it in punctuality or allocating and priortising the right amount of time for each explanation. As the time is usually limited in a lesson, tutor has to know which question to prioritise before spending time on it.

10. Open frame of mind:

A tutor has to deal with quite a number of parents and students each day, and some can be daunting, therefore a tutor should always keep an open mind to handle challenges and to handle it professionally.

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